Canada's Equality Model


9 - Canada's Equality Model

The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act is Canada’s law adapting the Nordic Model. The preamble makes it very clear that Canada defines prostitution as inherently harmful to the individual as well as to society. It recognizes that prostitution is the objectification of the human body and the commodification of sexual activity. It denounces and prohibits the purchase of sexual services as well as the commercialization and institutionalization of prostitution. It denounces and prohibits the procurement of persons for the purpose of prostitution, and also prohibits the economic interests in the exploitation. 

Briefly summarized, the new law introduced December 2014;

  1. Criminalizes the purchase of sex. It is a crime to buy another person for sex.  
  2. Decriminalizes the selling of sex (unless the prostituted person is found working in proximity to where minors would gather, such as schools, day cares centres, etc.).
  3. Makes it illegal to benefit from the exploitation of another person.
  4. Makes it illegal to advertise the sexual services of another person.
  5. The government set aside $20 million dollars over a five-year period, to provide programs for those who wish to exit. 

This law was put into place with the caveat that it would be reviewed in 5 years.

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