The Equality Model


8 - The Equality Model, Made in Sweden

In Sweden, which adopted the Nordic or Equality model in 1999:

• Demand decreased by 40%
• 50% less women/girls are prostituted on the streets and there has been no increase in indoor prostitution
• Trafficking for the purpose of prostitution reduced with the criminalization of buyers/profiteers –engaging in prostitution becomes less profitable and more risk
• No murders in the past 16 years since the law was passed
• No evidence of increased physical violence or worsened living conditions
• Decrease of “power and control” of buyers/profiteers due to the criminalization
• Law ensures compliance with International Human Rights law
• Provides opportunity for “exit” as a majority of women want to leave

“The legislation that prohibits the purchase of a sexual service came into being as one in a series of preventative laws and measures aimed specifically at the protection of vulnerable women and girls against serious acts of sexual violence. The aim was also to create a society where the culture of domination through prostitution is transformed into a culture where the human rights of all women and girls are protected.”[1]



Prostitution in Sweden

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