Supply & Demand


3 - Supply and Demand

Demand is the root cause of sexual exploitation.

Stopping the demand will stop the supply. Demand has created the market, and by focusing on the demand we can eliminate the sexual exploitation.

If we focus on who is buying, we see that it is mostly men, of any and all ethnicities. They tend to be heavy pornography users, and misogyny is rampant.They are our fathers, sons, professionals, executives, teachers, pastors and lawyers.

King County, in Seattle, Washington piloted a new Demand Reduction Model to reduce commercial sexual exploitation. This model focuses on the participants in these crimes who do have a choice: the buyers who drive demand.

Valiant Richey, Lecture

Valiant Richey, Q&A

Update May 2020 King County
“If we want to be truly progressive about addressing the harms of prostitution, then we must expose the systemic gender-based violence that is rooted in sex buying. In King County and across the United States we see disproportionately white adult males buying disproportionately black juvenile girls for sex. Our King County data highlights the gender, race and income inequality that is inherent in the illicit sex trade. Prostitution and sex trafficking are inextricably linked. My office’s focus is to address the demand for commercial sex. Most men will never buy sex, but if sex buying is normalized or legalized, then demand will skyrocket. There are not enough people willing to voluntarily sell their bodies. So, in order to meet the demand and make money, criminal actors coerce kids and other vulnerable victims into the sex trade. We cannot let this happen. It’s time to reduce the demand for sex buying, hold sex buyers accountable and then help change their attitudes so that they come to understand the inherent harms in their behavior.”

Benjamin Gauen | Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Special Assault Unit | King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

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